Aroha Sourcing

Aroha aims to explore nature to find plants of interest (spices, tea, medicinal plants, aromatic plants, essential oil , fruits…) Conventional and Organic.

Close to our local partners in Asia and Oceania, we build long-term relationships linked to each country’s culture.

We develop these projects of sourcing locally and organize the pathway until our client’s distribution.

Our Services

Our expertise lies in sourcing and the construction of short pathways in direct link with the producers.

Aroha is set in South East Asia (Head office: Singapore; Operational Management: Vietnam) to be at the heart of the sourcing areas and allow a field implication with its partners to offer you quality products.

With sharing, respect and sustainability values and centered on traceability, quality and the “locality”.

Addressing 3 markets: the food-processing industry, nutraceutical industry and the cosmetic industry.

The sourcing at the heart of our mission:

Creation of agricultural networks, responsible and sustainable

International supply chain management

Farming and manufacturing contract management

Logistic: storage and export

The Team

The founder’s letter:

Aroha is a human and entrepreneurial adventure, started in New Zealand. Aroha means “Love, passion” in Maori, but for me in particular it means an encounter with this country in 2009, country for which I felt a great deal of affection meeting great hearted people with whom we shared beautiful life moments, beautiful expeditions… I also discovered the kiwi fruit sector there, a nice way to enter into the plant world…

… Since my return from New-Zealand, I knew that plants would be the common thread of my future adventures as a professional and that travels will become my everyday life to get as close as possible to nature’s plenty beauties.

From Namibia to Cameroun, Burkina Faso to Madagascar, going through Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos (the list is not exhaustive), I have crossed sometimes hostile lands, but the encounters have always been magical. The encounter with the Namibian Bushmen to collect a secondary root at the border between Angola and Namibia has been a great lesson of humility and sharing ; the hibiscus harvest in Burkina Faso with Madam Tamini, this African treasure that I had the honor to meet in 2013, a beautiful lesson of life ; collect Tongkat Ali roots in the Malaysian jungle with my friend Che was a wonderful opportunity to discover this beautiful country… Than there will be these two years, roaming South East Asia, which will led us to Vietnam. We will stop there in 2017 to discover the wealth of this country and position ourselves between Asia and Oceania. This strategic position allow us to easily explore new lands and bring back treasures from the plant world as nature does them so well.

Adventure continues and Aroha’s story will continue writing itself over the encounter of passionate people, as it is a story of men and women that we are writing and living…

Join us to live it together!
Optimistically yours,
Founder – CEO Aroha


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Aromatic Plants

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Citations and Inspirations

  • Remember, the only person who accompanies you all your life is yourself! Be alive in everything you done!

    Pablo Picasso
  • It inspires me from the first glance, from the first handshake, a deep feeling of confidence, security, friendship. It belongs to this strong race of men, soldiers of fortune, explorers by vocation, professional hunters, in difficult and dangerous climates, big game, images or news, people for whom the adventure is the daily bread, the courage an habit, the modesty a law, who seek the risk and even provoke it, create it, without knowing it, and who are rich only in lived and beautiful stories, which they will never write because they seem simple.

    Joseph KESSEL La vallées des rubis
  • Whatever you dream of doing, start it. Boldness gives genius, power and magic. Start now.


Aroha – Natural Origins partnership: for sustainable farming sectors




Natural Origins is making all its botanical expertise available to its customers to offer them the best raw materials of plant origin. Our partnership with Maxime Angelucci, CEO of Natural Origins falls within this approach. In fact Aroha  specialises in the sourcing of conventional and biological raw materials of plant origin.


Our values are in harmony with those of Natural Origins since the traceability, quality and locality of the raw materials we supply are particularly dear to us.

Thanks to our partnership with Natural Origins, we can help them to accompany their customers in their search for botanical solutions best adapted to their products.

To find out more about Natural Origins, don’t hesitate to visit their website :


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