The sourcing at the heart of our mission
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Aroha Sourcing

Aroha is a company specialized in botanical sourcing and creation of botanical supply chain. We work on several families of products including spices / plants, exotic fruits, nuts mainly in organic certification.

The sourcing at the heart of our mission

Aroha Sourcing

Close to our local partners in Asia, we build long-term relationships in link with cultures of each country. We are a team of agronomists engaged in the field and we locally develop these sourcing projects and set up the supply chains until distribution to our customers.

Our know-how resides in sourcing and building short supply chains in direct contact with producers.

The company is operating in Southeast Asia (Operational Management : Vietnam) and we open an office in Turkey in 2022, to be at the heart of the sourcing areas and to be able to get involved in the field to offer you quality products.

Aroha is always growing, and we daily develop long term partnerships with key actors of the supply chain in Europe and US.

Our certifications

Our products are certified and respect standards to guarantee high quality.


Food Safety

Business Ethics