The sourcing at the heart of our mission
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Our Expertise

Our expertise

Aroha Sourcing

Aroha is daily engaged in the construction of supply chain. A Supply chain is an alliance of companies collaborating to varying degrees in the value chain, starting from the producers who grow and harvest the raw materials, to the end consumers.

Aroha is in the field to guarantee the traceability and quality of products and work closely with all actors in the value chain. We are strongly committed alongside farmers in Vietnam and Turkey to support and accompany them, particularly from a technical point of view to guarantee the specifications set (conventional or organic farming), and enhance their raw materials.

AROHA is also committed downstream of the chain with partnerships and has chosen to build sustainable supply chains that allow us to sustain these resources coming mainly from the botanical world.

Building these supply chains makes it possible to control and measure all steps of manufacturing “from seed to plate”. This choice benefits all links in the chain, from the producer to the final consumer.